Reiki Course Testimonials

“Hi Marty! Just checking in.... I have wanted to thank you again for the reiki workshop and attunements... I’ve only had two more sessions I’ve done to people since we last spoke and the outcome has been amazing, one of them is not a believer at all until he experienced it, and today I did my sister she asked me to stop for a minute because she wanted to tell me she was seeing spirals with her eyes shut and it didn’t dawn on me until right now that she said that right after I did the first symbol on a part of her... and it’s amazing how you can pin point problem areas in people just by feeling their energy too.. and it’s really unbelievable how many new experiences with reiki happen every time I practice it.. and I would of never got to this point or act of actually doing it if I never met you and I just wanted to say thank you!!”

Alyssa Marina Amato

“Marty is one of a kind. Funny, loving and so intuitive. When I felt the call to complete Reiki I/II training, there was no other I would trust on this journey. Marty gives each and every student his full and complete attention. He is passionate about the work and so transfers this energy to his students. You will not regret spending your time in his presence.”

Emily Fichera

“I had the pleasure of learning how to perform Reiki with Marty. Marty is the perfect teacher for both Reiki I And II. He was patient, kind, and most importantly explained the methodology behind it. Not only do you leave feeling great about what you learned, you walk away with a mentor for life.

I want to share a personal experience. I conducted Reiki at a health fair and a Reiki Master came over to me and wanted me to do reiki on her. Her feedback was “wow, who did you learn from?” I learned from the best!”

Kelley McCarthy

"I took Marty Turner's Reiki I and Reiki II classes and I am delighted to recommend him to anyone who is seeking a deeply connected, unpretentious, grounded, master teacher. I had been curious about Reiki and many energy modalities for several years before finding Marty. Instead of seeking out the most popular practitioner, I rested in faith that my teacher would find me when I was ready for her/him. Well it happened exactly that way. Marty's classes were organic, thorough, deeply engaging, and personal to each student there. We all felt seen, recognized, and loved. He required study and effort from us, as well as authenticity and openheartedness. It was a simply wonderful experience that I will never forget. If you're looking for a highly qualified, skilled, humble, radiant, and real person, Marty is your teacher. He is full of love and will be an incredible asset to your education and spiritual growth."

Juliet LeBlanc